Course Syllabus

This is a distribution of the course topics into a general syllabus. We will be using Henestrosa, Cheng, and Unger as the main references. But many more books, such as Mediavilla, Clayton, Quelhas, Samara, Bringhurst, Beier, Ahrens, or even websites such as Microsoft’s documentation or Fontlab or Glyph’s tutorials are very important.

The full bibliography can be found on the academic system page. And the course schedule on the e-learning platform.


  • Writing origins (writing systems of the world) & evolution of the Latin alphabet writing;
  • Typography origins & evolution;
  • Classification(s) & historical specimens.

Foundation calligraphy:

  • Humanistic (Johnston’s foundational hand);
  • Gothic (Textura Precissus);
  • Italic (Arrighi’s Chancery );
  • Copperplate (Bickham’s English hand).

SLOType speculative workshop:

  • Gerrit Noordzij’s “The Stroke” theory;
  • Agile workshop with the SLOType app;

Type Design induction:

  • Introduction to Type Design production software (Glyphs/Fontlab/Fonstruct):
    • Software interface & IDE;
    • Basic vector drawing (points & handles’ placement, contour direction, curve tension, operations);
    • Proportions & spacing;
    • Font Info;
    • Masters & Axes;
    • Exporting;
  • Designing a basic two-axis test keyword (e.g.: Raphesion123);

Type Design production:

  • A revival of a text typeface:
    • Research & concept design;
    • Font production:
      • Sketches, Keyword & Family DNA;
      • Lowercase;
      • Uppercase;
      • Diacritics, Symbols & Numerals;
      • Spacing & kerning;
      • Evaluating overall quality;
    • Specimen design;
  • Presentation & Distribution