Overshoot is an online instance of the Type Design course taught at the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (website).

This website —currently in development— aims to provide public news and resources to support and promote the activities held complementing the current online e-learning platforms.

Latest News

GT Academy: Type Design Tutorials

The Grilli Type Foundry has been publishing a series of small bite-sized tutorials on type design: the GT Academy. Currently, it features 17 “issues” published ranging from drawing basics to advanced optical compensations. It starts in a slightly different approach from ours: with the letter “a”. But then, the method is almost the same. Starting… Continue reading GT Academy: Type Design Tutorials

SLOType Workshop 2021

This week, in the type design course, we will have once again two invited guests co-lecturing the speculative type design workshop “SLOType”. This workshop is part of on-going research on creativity and type design education that has started in 2018 with Ana Catarina Silva (IPCD-ESD / ID+) and Julien Priez (@booypaper). In 2020 Eduardo Napoleão… Continue reading SLOType Workshop 2021

Induction to writing and calligraphy

Last week we have initiated the semester. After an initial discussion on basic terms, we’ll finish this theoretical introduction with some calligraphy practice geared towards the foundational hand. During this semester, I’ll be updating the syllabus on this website with a sample of the materials and brief conceptual/theoretical notes from the classes’ slide decks. Make… Continue reading Induction to writing and calligraphy

From the Syllabus

Origins of Writing

Writing seems to have it’s origins in around 4000 BC. Several authors claim as writing signs dating from as early as 20 000 BC. But, for this context, we consider everything we are not sure of being a full writing system as proto-writing (Robinson, 2009). Writing is a “system of graphic symbols that can be… Continue reading Origins of Writing

Course Portfolio

Nova Egmont

Nova Egmont is a modern serif font revival designed by Francisca Lopes, Miguel Moreira, and Pedro Correia, based on the original Egmont typeface designed Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos in 1930. The biggest challenge of this exercise was to perform a significant “customization” of the font without distorting the original reference. Initially, manual and digital sketches… Continue reading Nova Egmont


The Aferis variable font consists of a multi-weight serif typeface, whose name is a playful anagram from “Serif”. It presents an Experimental axis in defiance of the “Type for text” briefing. Designed by Ana Margarida Calçada, David Rocha and Miguel Machado The first three masters in the weight axis are intended for small scales, such… Continue reading Aferis

Invisible shapes

Although this is not a work produced directly in this course, it was a master dissertation research by Carolina Ferreira that started and was supervised by the previous professor of this course, the Type Designer Dino dos Santos. And by my current colleague, professor Diniz Cayolla. As I’ve had the opportunity to do before, this… Continue reading Invisible shapes